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This virtual, interactive seminar is presented as a combination of lecture and class exercises in order to better convey the course material. Today more than ever before, communication and the skills associated with it can — and do — make a difference in the business world, especially when it comes to getting hired and promoted, and being properly compensated. Everyone has ideas but having the skills to communicate them, garner support for them, and move them forward can catapult an individual’s career. Communication is a learned skill, and as a learned skill it can be improved and enhanced. The numerous and constantly evolving communication channels utilized today have an expectation of immediacy, which allows for less time to think. This can make effective communication challenging unless basic skills are firmly established.

Learning Outcomes

  • This seminar will assist you in developing the skills necessary to communicate verbally.
  • Our approach will be a practical one targeting clear, concise and complete application of the spoken word.
  • The importance of listening will be emphasized, and we will work to improve this critical skill. Excellent communication skills can not only help with your career; they can also improve relationships with co-workers, friends, parents and significant others.
  • Communication is at the heart of most human interactions, and it can be improved with effort and practice.

Topics Covered

  • The value of the voice: emphasis, tone, pitch and volume
  • Non-verbal skill: the first language we used, and the one we rely on and trust
  • Understanding mannerisms, facial expressions and body movements to better assess the receiver’s openness and comprehension
  • Active listening and making it easy for the listener: changing a presentation from a monologue to a conversation
  • Audience: identifying the audience and designing presentations to meet the need and drive results
  • Learning styles and their importance to connecting information to your customer
  • Presentation skills and how to talk data. Your materials are your professional calling card; make sure they project the right image. Data is a critical element in projects but it is only a statistic until the speaker adds context; too much depth can disengage the receiver. Knowing the right amount of data to include and the best way to deliver it is central to interest and engagement.

Who Should Attend

All members of a project team or anyone who would like an introduction or a refresher class on communication and presentation skills.

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Project Management: Communication Skills
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Apr 11, 2022 to May 02, 2022
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